GDPR programme

Snappy animated cartovies, hands-on workshops, to-the-point guidelines and an effective monitoring tool

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Available 24/7

Need reminding? No problem! All of the GDPR materials are just one click away. Login to your personal webpage.

Your space

Here you will find everything you need. You can rewatch the animated cartovies, check out previous training slides, consult guidelines or use the hotline.

A quick consult

You only have 5 minutes, but you need to know something more about trade associations, dawn raids, …? Check our guidelines!


Uncertain or worried about a GDPR issue? The hotline is there to help you. Your question will be handled in a confidential and privileged environment.


Let us entertain you. Every 2 months you can expect a 2-minute animated cartovie where your new buddies, Fred and Stephan, encounter the challenges of GDPR. Special thanks to cartoonist Lectrr.

Measure success

Participation means success. We offer the legal/GDPR team a monitoring tool, an annual report and an audit in order to measure the success rate of the GDPR programme.

Online monitoring

Who participated to the trainings? Who watched the animated cartovies? Which employees are in need of a refresher?

Annual report

The report summarizes the GDPR activities, including statistics on the level of participation. You can easily share it with the Board, Audit Committee or Management Team.


We can conduct tailor-made audits in the form of a mailbox review or a mock dawn raid (including the forensic IT aspects of such a raid).

Tailor-made training

Too much theory in the past? Need practical training? The contrast GDPR programme focuses on your day-to-day business experience.

Your needs?

We want to get to know your business better. So let’s have an intake meeting prior to the first training.

Start with the basics

Together, we explore the why, who and how of GDPR, all within a 2-hour kick-off training session.

Go in-depth

We address your specific needs in a hands on manner. Your real life questions are incorporated in different in-depth workshops.