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30 Nov

Commercial update

The Belgian legislator has amended the rules on opening hours in the retail sector, providing more flexibility for businesses to change their opening hours.

💡 Businesses will be able to change their weekly rest day every three months (instead of the current six months). The change must be clearly indicated at least one week prior to the beginning of the month in which the change will be implemented.

💡 The new rules will enter into force 10 days after publication in the Belgian Official Gazette. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for further updates.

Questions? Contact our commercial partner Milena Varga and senior associate Laurence Vanhyfte.

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contrast update
21 Nov

In the Picture - Look before you leap! Lessons from the failed Illumina-GRAIL marriage

Imagine a start-up that has yet to put a single product on the market and still hasn’t achieved any turnover in the EEA. When it is announced that the start-up is being taken over, however, a demand is received from the European Commission to give notice of this acquisition in order to receive its advance approval. What to do?

👉 Read our latest In the Picture "Look before you leap! Lessons from the failed Illumina-GRAIL marriage", written by our competition partner Herlinde Burez and associate Camille Verstraete.

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13 Nov

Dual internships for students

Are you a law student and in the mood for an incredible adventure? Look no further. This year, contrast is offering you the opportunity to go for a DUAL INTERNSHIP. This means that in addition to your month-long summer internship at our law firm, you will also be considered for an internship as in-house counsel with one of our clients. In short, a unique opportunity to add quality to your summer and your CV! #thecontrastisclear

Like to know more? Join us at the following job fairs: VUB (today) | UGent (21 November) | UCLouvain (22 November) | Leuven (23 November) or watch our short movie.

Can't wait any longer? Send us your CV today via our website

We hope to see you very soon!

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09 Nov

Guest lecture at the UCLL

As a yearly tradition, our paralegals Evi Noël and Cathy Van den Branden gave a guest lecture at the UC Leuven-Limburg on the importance of paralegals in a modern law firm.

Interested in opportunities for paralegals? Check out our career page:

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08 Nov

Seminar 'Compliance on track: Building blocks for an effective compliance programme'

Een effectief compliance programma is essentieel voor elke onderneming.

Het is echter niet evident om te weten waar uw onderneming of cliënt het best kan starten met de (verdere) uitbouw van efficiënte compliance tools. Hoe schat je de risico's in, waar leg je de nodige accenten, hoe communiceer je deze intern en extern, hoe dwing je de naleving van de uitgezette krijtlijnen en regelgeving af, ... en wat doe je als het alsnog fout gaat en er plots een dawn raid plaatsvindt. Ook het steeds veranderende ecosysteem van een onderneming vormt bijkomende uitdagingen: nieuwe regelgeving, bijkomende bedrijfstakken of regio's, fusies & overnames, wisselend personeel, enz.

Een doeltreffend compliance programma heeft daarom nood aan een aantal 🧱 essentiële bouwblokken. 🧱

Tijdens het seminarie ‘Compliance on track: Bouwblokken voor een effectief compliance programma’ nemen vijf experten u mee in hun dagdagelijkse praktijk en bieden u tal van praktische tips & tricks aan om een efficiënt compliance programma uit te bouwen en te evalueren.

📅 7 december 2023
⏰ 9u00 – 13u30
🎤 Gerrit De Vos, Group General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer at Azelis | Ilse Winters, Director Legal at Arvesta | Eveline De Ridder, partner at Whyte Corporate Affairs | Herlinde Burez, competition partner at contrast | Eva Alboort, counsel at contrast
📍 fysiek (Brabantse Golf te Steenokkerzeel) | live stream | webinar-on-demand
🏆 4 IBJ/OVB punten in aanvraag
🔗 Interesse? Schrijf je snel in via

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07 Nov

Update on recent developments in merger control at the BVA

Herlinde Burez, our competition partner, gave an update on recent developments in merger control during the Tax & Legal Committee of the BVA | Belgian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association.

She amongst others gave context to the sale by Proximus of EDPNet to Citymesh pursuant to an investigation of the Belgian Competition Authority into the alleged abuse of dominance by Proximus, building on the recent Towercast judgement of the ECJ. Other topics on the agenda were the revival of Article 22 EUMR, gun jumping and the European Commission’s merger simplification package.

Also interested in this topic? Read our In the Picture 'Anyone in for some more legal uncertainty for acquisitions?' 🔗

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06 Nov

Student workshop - contract drafting - 9 november

Contract drafting workshop voor studenten op de campus van de Universiteit Gent op 9 november (19u30 - 21u30) - Ken je de theorie, maar leer je graag eens vanuit de praktijk? Onze commercial partner Milena Varga en senior associate Laurence Vanhyfte adviseren en onderhandelen dagdagelijks over verschillende commerciële contracten in alle sectoren en over het volledige bedrijfsspectrum, waaronder verkoop, levering, onderaanneming, agentuur, distributie, licenties, huur, leningen, ...

Tijdens deze workshop leren ze je graag vanuit hun praktijkervaring:
- hoe een contract best wordt opgebouwd,
- welke clausules daarbij je aandacht verdienen,
- hoe je artikelen het best vormgeeft, en
- hoe je deze eventueel kan aanpassen in functie van je onderhandelingspositie.

Kortom, in deze interactieve workshop leer je de kneepjes van het vak.

Interesse? Vul het formulier snel in om je in te schrijven voor de workshop:

Samen met het Vlaams Rechtsgenootschap Gent (VRG) zien we ernaar uit om jullie te ontmoeten!

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03 Nov

CV tips and workshops for students #4

Job fairs for law students are coming up. In preparation, we like to share a CV tip each week with them. 👇

CV TIP #4 📝 Show your personality with attention to detail…

💡 Let your personality shine through in your CV, both in terms of content (e.g. interests, skills, etc.) and layout (design, colours, etc.).

💡 Keep your CV (including photo) professional, and limit yourself to one page.

💡 Have an eye for detail. Do not forget spelling.

Interested in more tips, or expertise? Register for one of our student workshops 🎯

Can't wait any longer? Then don't hesitate to send in your CV for a summer, winter, and/or bar internship for 2024 in one of our practice areas (competition & EU | corporate & M&A | commercial | dispute resolution) 👉

You can also visit us in Leuven | Brussels | Antwerp | Ghent | Louvain-la-Neuve at the next job fairs and/or campus interviews for law students:
🎓 6 November 2023 - campus interviews KU Leuven
🎓 13 November 2023 - job fair VUB (Maison du bois)
🎓 14 November 2023 - campus interviews UAntwerpen
🎓 21 November 2023 - job fair UGent (ICC)
🎓 22 November 2023 - job fair UCLouvain
🎓 23 November 2023 - job fair KU Leuven (Brabanthal)

We look forward to meeting you!

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02 Nov

New bill of law regarding Book 6 of the Belgian Civil Code on extra-contractual liability

Are you interested in what reforms the new bill of law regarding Book 6 of the Belgian Civil Code on extra-contractual liability could entail for your company and its leadership?
💡 Register in advance for the 2024 ‘Knipperlichten’ seminar
💡 Contact our corporate partner Bart Bellen and commercial partner Milena Varga

The bill of law as introduced in the Chamber of Representatives (8 March 2023) 🔗

The advice of the Council of State (27 June 2023) 🔗

Current track and timing 🔗

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contrast update
01 Nov

Student workshop - contract drafting

Student workshop - Are you a student and interested in improving your contract drafting skills? Discover our workshop 'contract drafting' on 9 November 2023 (19h30 - 21h30) at the UGent campus in cooperation with Vlaams Rechtsgenootschap Gent (VRG) Our commercial partner Milena Varga and senior associate Laurence Vanhyfte, will learn you techniques for drafting clearer contracts. With their 10 steps to success you will gain a better understanding of various contract clauses. Subscribe here

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