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18 Apr

Day of the coworker 2024!

We wish everyone a happy 'day of the coworker'! We are very grateful to our team members for their dedication to contrast and its clients. ☀️🙌 Team work makes the dream work! 

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17 Apr

Commercial & corporate update: Civil Code Book 7

Yesterday 16 April 2024, the proposal regarding a new Book 7 ‘Special Contracts’ of the Civil Code was submitted to the Belgian Chamber of Representatives. This proposal marks an important next step in the general reform of the Belgian Civil Code. 

The text covers, among other things, sale, rental and service agreements and will thus be relevant for all Belgian companies.

You can read the text of the proposal here 👉

Be sure to follow our page, so we can keep you updated! 

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10 Apr

Eid Mubarak!

contrast wishes everyone who celebrates a blessed Eid filled with peace and joy!

We want to take this opportunity to thank our invaluable colleague Rachid. We are incredibly grateful to keep our offices in tip-top shape and are very appreciative of his relentless kindness and thoughtfulness. 

Eid Mubarak! ✨🌙

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08 Apr

Veel succes aan onze baliestagiairs!

Deze week start het blokverlof voor onze eerstejaars baliestagiairs.

Het hele contrast team wenst Emiel Weyers, Maarten Cnudde, Emma Fransen, Marie-Julie Kormoss en Charlotte Van Weehaeghe veel goede moed en succes bij hun balie-examens beginnen volgende week 💪

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04 Apr

Webinar on demand: Knipperlichten en Compliance

Heb je ons jaarlijkse seminarie ‘Knipperlichten’ gemist, maar wil je nog graag alle ondernemingsrechtelijke aandachtspunten van het voorbije jaar op een rijtje?

Of leer je graag meer over de opbouw van een effectief compliance programma tijdens het webinar-on-demand 'Compliance on track'?

Schrijf je dan via onze website in voor beide seminars!

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29 Mar

In the Picture - Navigating the relevant market

For the first time in more than 25 years, the European Commission published a new notice on the definition of the relevant market, which is often the start of the competitive assessment.

The new notice consolidates the decision practice and case law and addresses the impact of the digitalisation of the economy.

What you need to know is in our latest #inthepicture 'Navigating the relevant market' on our website, written by our senior associate Mathieu Vancaillie and associate Emma Fransen.

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28 Mar

The Legal 500 rankings

We are proud to announce that The Legal 500 again ranks all our practice areas🌟

Special congratulations to our amazing Competition & EU team for again ranking in band 1 for ‘Competition Belgium’👏

We are very grateful to all our clients and peers for their warm recommendations. Thank you!

You can read all quotes on our website.

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27 Mar

Soft skill trainings at contrast

Working at contrast means having a constant opportunity to learn and improve yourself. We value the professional and personal development of our members. That’s why, in addition to legal training, we also organise a lot of soft skill training sessions.

This month, we had the opportunity to welcome Ineke Couck from back TWICE for a masterclass in Microsoft Office Word and a follow-up session on Microsoft Office Excel!

Thank you Ineke all for these sessions 🙌

Interested in working at contrast? Check out our website for open job vacancies!

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25 Mar

ELSA Brussel Career Day 2024

VUB Law students 📣

Tomorrow, we will be attending the Career Day organised by ELSA Brussel! We’ll be bringing snacks, drinks and a lot of information about what it means to be a lawyer at contrast.

Can’t attend but still interested? Check out our website and find out more about our current open vacancies for lawyers!

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contrast update
22 Mar

Corporate update: Belgian Code of Companies and Associations

💡Corporate updateimportant changes to the Belgian Code of Companies and Associations💡

Yesterday, the plenary session of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives adopted a law containing some important changes to the Code of Companies and Associations (CCA), including changes regarding governance of listed companies and transfers of significant assets.

The law also adjusts the monetary size criteria for SMEs contained in articles 1:24-1:25 CCA, pursuant to the Delegated Directive 2023/2775 of 17 October 2023 amending the Accounting Directive. Similar adjustments will apply to groups of limited size and associations and foundations. The criterium for the average number of employees remains unchanged. 

The classification has an impact on, among other things, administrative, tax and accounting obligations, which are more favourable to small and micro companies. These changes are thus of significant importance, as the current size criteria have not been changed since the transposition of the Accounting Directive in 2015 and therefore do not reflect the current inflationary context.

The new size criteria will apply for the financial years beginning after 31 December 2023.

Questions? Contact our corporate partner Bart Bellen and counsel Ine Schockaert.

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