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17 May

contrast on campus: VUB

Today, our senior associates Laura Sente and Mathieu Vancaillie joined our partner Filip Tuytschaever for a guest lecture at the Law Faculty of the University of Brussels. Laura discussed merger control, and Mathieu abuses of dominance and of economic dependence during Filip’s course on EU competition law.

Want to know more about the expertise and knowledge our team holds? Check our website👉 

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contrast update
16 May

contrast on campus: Universiteit Antwerpen

Last week our partner Sébastien Engelen and associate Daniel Murray gave a guest lecture about the Foreign Subsidies Regulation for law students at the Universiteit van Antwerpen.

This Regulation is aimed at ensuring a level playing field within the EU, by tackling subsidies from states outside of the European Union which distort the Single market, that are not caught by EU State Aid rules.

Thank you to the professor Jan Blockx for inviting us and the students for the interactive session 🙌

Want to know more about the Foreign Subsidies Regulation? Check out our #inthepicture!

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contrast update
14 May

contrast competition update: DMA

🚨 contrast competition update 🚨

The European Commission (EC) adopted four important decisions under the Digital Markets Act (DMA) which will impact both consumers and businesses operating through large online platforms:

• The EC designated Booking as the 8th gatekeeper under the Digital Markets Act (DMA) for its online intermediation service This follows Booking’s self-assessment submitted on 1 March 2024 that it meets the relevant quantitative thresholds. This means that Booking now has 6 months to comply with the relevant obligations under the DMA and submit a detailed compliance report outlining the measures taken to comply with each DMA obligation. However, some DMA obligations also start applying with immediate effect.

• The EC adopted two decisions regarding X Ads and TikTok Ads in which it refrained from designating these as important gateways under the DMA. This followed rebuttal arguments from both X and Bytedance (parent company of TikTok) that these core platform services (CPS) did not constitute an important gateway between businesses and consumers despite meeting the DMA’s quantitative thresholds.

• The EC also opened a market investigation to assess the rebuttal arguments submitted by X in relation to its online social networking service (formerly Twitter). X also argues that its online social networking service does not constitute an important gateway between businesses and consumers despite meeting the DMA’s quantitative thresholds. The market investigation should be concluded within the next five months.

For more information on these recent developments, you can consult the press release of the EC here.

You can read more about the DMA in detail in our #inthepicture.

Questions? Contact our competition partners Filip TuytschaeverHerlinde Burez or Sebastien Engelen, or your usual contact at contrast.

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contrast update
13 May

Conference in Croatia

Our competition partner Filip Tuytschaever participated in the conference ‘Meet to Compete: Tools for the New Rules’ organised by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Opatija, Croatia, in a panel on effect-based competition policy.

The event was attended by the Croatian Minister of Justice, presidents and representatives of various competition authorities, international competition law academics.

We thank all participants to the event as well as the other panellists for the interesting discussion 🙏 Siniša Petrović, Professor, University of Zagreb | Giorgio Monti, Professor, University of Tilburg | Alfonso Lamadrid de Pablo, Partner, Garrigues, Brussels | Ana Sofia Rodrigues, Board member, Portuguese Competition Authority

More info on the event 👉

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10 May

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contrast update Publication
08 May

Winter internships 2025

❄️ Winter internships ❄️

Will you be studying abroad next trimester, and are you interested in spending your winter break gaining hands-on experience? We offer you an inspiring internship programme in a great team.

You can now apply for a unique winter internship during the month of January 2025 in one of our practice areas: competition and EU, corporate and M&A, commercial law or dispute resolution!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and apply quickly via our website.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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contrast update
07 May

Knipperlichten beschikbaar als webinar!

Wist je dat…?

- sinds juni 2023, de Interfederale Screening Commissie niet-EU overnames van bepaalde, strategische Belgische bedrijven moet goedkeuren?
- hulppersonen (bv. bestuurders en werknemers) binnenkort niet meer beschermd zijn door de quasi-immuniteit?
- het insolventierecht grondig werd hertekend?

Toch even een opfrisser nodig?

Je kan alle info nog eens raadplegen via onze webinar “Knipperlichten” via onze website!

Kristof De Wael | Karlien De Ryck | Yne Machiels | Ignace Claeys | Thijs Tanghe | Stefanie Colaers | Mathieu Vancaillie | Milena Varga | Laurence Vanhyfte

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contrast update Seminar
03 May

contrast competition update

🚨 contrast competition update 🚨

A new law implementing the Digital Markets Act and amending in minor ways various provisions of the Belgian Economic Code was published in the Belgian Gazette today.

While the European Commission is the sole enforcer of the DMA, the Regulation provides for close cooperation between the EC and national competition authorities to ensure that the DMA is enforced as effectively as possible.

The EC may for example consult national competition authorities on any question relating to the enforcement of the DMA. National competition authorities may also ask for and assist with market investigations initiated under the DMA.

This new law formally entrusts the Belgian Competition Authority with competences to contribute to the effective enforcement of the DMA alongside the EC.

The new law also amends in minor ways various provisions of the Belgian competition law and excludes hospital-mergers from Belgian merger control. The law enters into force on May 13.

You can read more about the DMA in detail in our #inthepicture from March 2023:

Questions? Contact our competition partners Filip Tuytschaever, Herlinde Burez or Sebastien Engelen, or your usual contact at contrast.

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contrast update
26 Apr

JCI Award Vlaams Brabantse Jonge Ondernemer 2024

Another year, another reward 🏆

Congratulations to the winner Lowie Vercraeye of BRAUZZ.🎉

Yesterday, our associates Maarten Cnudde and Karlien De Ryck saw him win the JCI Award Vlaams-Brabantse Jonge Ondernemer 2024.

We also congratulate the other strong candidates Klassif.aiYui Skin and Konligo!

As an independent law firm, contrast actively supports entrepreneurship and ambition to create positive changes. We are therefore a very proud sponsor of JCI.

We look forward to next year’s event!

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contrast goes social
25 Apr

Retired senior counsel Luc Demeyere visits contrast

It's great to have an alumnus back @ contrast.

Today, we welcomed Luc Demeyere for a training on commercial litigation and arbitration.

Luc was senior counsel at contrast for almost 15 years. He recently published a book on managing commercial conflicts.

You can find more info on the book here 👉,15373,15374,15375

Thank you, Luc, for the interesting seminar and for the tips & tricks 🙌

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Seminar contrast training