In the Picture - Red light for greenwashing

25 May 2023

In the Picture - Red light for greenwashing

Imagine… 💭 Your company wants to do its bit for the environment and has recently worked hard to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals used in its production process.

Your marketing team finds these changes in the production process ideal for launching a marketing campaign. The proposal is to claim centrally on the packaging of your products that they are "environmentally friendly". After all, you see that your competitors are also increasingly making these kinds of environmental claims in their advertising materials.

Your legal department pulls the emergency brake and reminds you of the European ban on greenwashing. Greenwashing? Surely your company is genuinely committed to eco-friendly production?

👉 Read our latest #inthepicture ”Red light for greenwashing", written by our commercial associate Hannah Bru and our partner Milena Varga 🔗

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