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BREAKING NEWS — contrast as a driving force behind pan-European initiative bringing together specialists from 27 countries

October 2021

The ‘Distribution Law Center’ offers a unique platform ( providing practical legal information on both the European and national rules governing distribution and agency agreements. The information is presented in a very accessible manner. Developments and changes are obviously tracked and presented systematically on the platform.
The ‘Distribution Law Center’ acts as expert advisor to the European Commission in the context of the preparation of the new European distribution rules that will enter into force as of June 2022. As of November 2021, the Center will issue periodic news flashes (“countdowns”) in which the expected changes and developments are reported. Not to be missed.
The participating law firms offering content on their jurisdictions are the following: Arnecke Sibeth, Arntzen De Besche, Banning, Cederquist, Chrysses Demetriades & Co, CMS Francis Lefebvre, contrast, Delchev & Partners, Dittmar & Indrenius, Divjak Topic Bahtijarevic & Krka, Eisenberger + Herzog, Eversheds, Havel & Partners, Horten, Kyriakides Georgopoulous, Modzelewska & Pásnik, Musat & Asociatii, Pavia e Ansaldo, Pérez-Llorca, Philippe & partners, SBGK, Šelih & partnerji, SRS and TGS Baltic.
We are very grateful towards this pan-European family of specialists for joining us in this wonderful new initiative. Anyone who is in some fashion involved in the application of the rules on distribution is more than welcome to consult the ‘Distribution Law Center’ platform. Access is free.

Follow also the ‘Distribution Law Center’ on LinkedIn and stay in close contact with the latest developments.

Please consult our website or contact one of our team members if you have questions or require more information: