ITP - New rules on cooperation with competitors are coming

22 Dec 2022

ITP - New rules on cooperation with competitors are coming

Imagine...💭 You are chief innovation officer for a car manufacturer. One of your department's key projects is to develop self-driving cars. Your department is working overtime because competition in this field is intense. However, you and your competitors would benefit from working together for many reasons: results would be achieved faster, massive investments would be better spread, and this would contribute to greater sustainability. After all, self-driving cars lead to more efficient traffic flows, lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

You know some of your colleagues who work for the competition as you meet regularly in your trade association’s working group on self-driving cars. You are eager to encourage them to exchange ideas and work together.

During a management meeting, you pitch your idea and you are immediately instructed not to take any further steps without having discussed it in detail with your legal department. You might have known.

Read our latest #inthepicture ”New rules on cooperation with competitors are coming!“, written by our partner Filip Tuytschaever.